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ncis_fest is a Fest for NCIS fiction.

August 15th-19th: Prompt Submission
August 22th-29th: Prompt Claiming
September 2nd-30th: Prompt posting.

General Rules
1. We are open to any pairing. Slash, gen, het, whatever. We will take it all!

2. We will take fanfic and fanart.

3. Crossovers accept and encouraged! AUs also welcome!

4. We can only accept challenge fiction/art. OT posts will be deleted.

5. Only members can post, but anyone can comment.

6. Please don't flame. This is a place for fun, not drama. Skip over things you don't want to read.

Prompt Submission
1. You don't have to submit a prompt to write one. Also, you don't have to write a prompt if you just want to submit one.

2. You can submit as many prompts as you want, and can even claim your own.

3. All ratings, pairings (gen, het, slash, femslash, threesomes, none, etc), and genres are welcome.

4. Submit your prompts like so:
Character/Paring, Word/Phrase/Scenario
An example: Jethro Gibbs, alcohol

If you have a crossover do this:
Show 1/Show 2, Character/Paring, Word/Phrase/Scenario
An example: NCIS/JAG, Tony DiNozzo/Harmon "Harm" Rabb, Jr., desk

Prompt Claiming
1. Each prompt may be claimed twice for fiction and art.

2. You may claim more than one prompt over the course of the Fest, but one at a time. You must post your submission before claiming a second (or third or forth, etc.) prompt.

3. You can claim your own prompt.

4. You do not have to submit a prompt to claim a prompt.

5. To claim a prompt, comment in the appropriate post with:
Your Name:
Prompt: (Character/Pairing, Word/Phrase/Scenario)
Fanfic or Fanart:

1. Minimum submission requirements:

Fanfic: 1000 words
Fanart: 1 large or 2-3 smaller pieces

2. Post your submission or a link to it here at the community. When you post your fanfic here, please put the it behind a cut. The only exception is that if your journal is locked you must post your fic here. When you post your fanart here, everything except thumbnails must be placed behind a cut. Anything not-worksafe must be placed behind a cut (sadly). Lj-cuts are love, you guys.

3. Please include the following in your subject line:
[Fanfic or Fanart], [Pairing/Character (use full names please)], [Word/Phrase/Scenario]

4. For fanfic, please use this header with the following information:
(use full names rather than initials)
Rating/Category: (eg, NC17/Gen or R/Slash)
Notes/Warnings: (if applicable)

For fanart please use this header:
(use full names rather than initials)
Rating/Category:(eg, NC17/Gen or R/Slash)
Notes/Warnings: (if applicable)

5. Fiction and art may be posted from September 2nd-30th when Fest Round One closes.

6. If you submit three or more pieces of fanfiction and fanart, you might just get something special!

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